Using Authentic Warrior Embodiment Process for Self-Empowerment, Shadow Integration & Trauma Healing

Using martial arts in therapy might sound like a strange combination but The Authentic Warrior Embodiment (AWE) process is a system of exercises and practices that enables the individual to embody the energies of the archetypal Warrior, as understood in Jungian psychology.

More than just ‘acting’ warrior-like, embodiment involves training the nervous system to express the Warrior from the inside-out, as opposed to simply wearing a mask of warrior qualities.

To embody is to become. In AWE, through authentic warrior training, this archetypal energy is revealed, explored and stepped into.

Students experience:

  • Stronger boundaries
  • Firmness and grounding in the face of stress
  • The capacity to take decisive action
  • The ability to hold their ground in conflict
  • Increased depth of integrity in their word
  • Decreased fear of being their authentic self
  • A deep sense of ‘permission’ to defend themselves
  • Feeling more connected to their base instincts, without shame
  • ‘Showing up’ in a way that draws respect and trust from those around them

Authentic Warrior Embodiment Process: A Unique Approach

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What makes Authentic Warrior Embodiment training unique is the authenticity and honesty in which the Warrior is approached.

Elsewhere in the mind-body and self-development space, the word ‘warrior’ is used often, but almost always with a caveat associating it with love and light and sometimes an undertone of shame around the reality of what the warrior’s role in society really is.

While ultimately aiming to create heart-connected Warriors, the AWE student is taken on a journey to discover and develop all sides of their Warrior. Including their shadow.

The martial arts aspect of the Warrior Embodiment process revolves around training the student for functional and applicable (though basic) unarmed combat techniques in order to produce actual self-protective capabilities.

This boils down to creating a potentially dangerous human being. This is where the Warrior is found and herein lies the transformational power of this process.

The creator of the AWE process, Sharif H Joynson, has been involved in the martial arts since early childhood. This, as well as his experience as a soldier with the British Army Reserves, provide the authentic platform on which this initiation is based.

Furthermore, Warrior Embodiment energy has been central to Sharif’s own journey of successfully emerging, heart-connected, from trauma and abuse.

The Warrior – The Missing Archetype

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Healthy and integrated Warrior Embodiment energy is possibly the single most missing piece in the collective consciousness.

For centuries, the Warrior has been misused in and disconnected from the heart – resulting in a collective trauma associated with it. As such, in the last several decades, this energy has been shunned, shamed and repressed, which has had several unwanted effects on us individually and collectively.

  • Poor boundaries
  • Feeling unsafe
  • Lack of decisiveness
  • Uncontrollable responses in the face of conflict
  • Inability to access their true ‘voice’
  • Quiet resentment towards their own ‘niceness’
  • Lack of passion in life and intimacy

How The Warrior Embodiment Process Works

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With the aim of becoming truly capable in their martial skills, the physical aspect of the Warrior Embodiment training reveals aspects of the student’s body-mind where there may be unconscious ‘holding’, lack of flow or hesitation.

Behind each of these problem patterns is a ‘story’ that is causing them to hold back parts of themselves. These stories are held in the body as varying degrees of trauma and addressing these then is a form of healing and integration as well as personal development.

Using a collection of methods taken from Eastern martial and yogic traditions as well as more modem Western physiology and counselling skills, the student is able to:

  • Move through patterns of holding back
  • Safely feel into and explore previously repressed parts of themselves
  • Discover and develop new-found power from the depths of their mind and body

Authentic Warrior Embodiment Process Origins

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AWE is born out of a combination of external skill development and courageous inner exploration, resulting in a complete system of self-development and Warrior initiation.

Driven by growing up in unsafe conditions, Sharif has been involved in the martial arts since the age of 7, having trained in a number of disciplines both in the UK and Asia as well as exploring various yogic traditions.

For over a decade, he has been training and consulting people in self-protection tactics including unarmed combat, tactical communication and threat identification/awareness. Combining this with his use of practical psychology and counselling skills, he has worked with hundreds of people, including many who have experienced violent trauma, which they then begin to integrate through their training.

To learn more about Sharif H Joynson and The Authentic Warrior Embodiment (AWE) process, visit the official website.

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