Abigail Asantewaa Womens Health Physiotherapist and Multi-Style Masseuse

Abigail Asantewaa (BSc Hons, HCPC, CSP):

Women’s Health Physiotherapist & Multi-Style Masseuse

My name is Abigail Asantewaa and I am a women’s health physiotherapist, multi-style bodyworker/masseuse, therapeutic pilates/yoga teacher, personal trainer, and mindfulness/meditation teacher based at HQ Therapy Rooms, Haggerston E8.

My bodywork is therapeutic in its nature, however, within that, I offer many different styles and am able to create fusion treatments by blending styles together.

Relaxation Massage
This technique favours a Swedish style but incorporates strokes and techniques acquired from studying other styles. Uses long flowing and rhythmical strokes, applied with optimal pressure to induce a sense of relaxation and leave you feeling completely blissed out.

Deep Tissue Massage
Unlike others you may have experienced, this will not leave you feeling bruised and broken. I am able to perfectly cruise that line between pleasure and pain, delivering a deep and euphoric massage that works through all the layers of muscle, leaving no part of your body neglected or left wanting.

Therapeutic Massage
Designed to work through specific soft tissue injuries and will more than often give you some immediate and substantial relief from your symptoms. The aim of these sessions is to draw on all of my skills and experience in order to provide an individually-tailored, holistic and complete treatment of your injury.

Traditional Thai Massage (AKA Thai Yoga Massage/Lazy Yoga)
Developed around 2500 years ago by an Indian Doctor, it is thought to have travelled to Thailand around about the same time as Buddhism and was traditionally practiced in Buddhist temples. Owing its origins to Northern India it also has a lot of its background and theory tied up in Yoga Philosophy.
It is performed in loose clothing on a futon-style mat on the floor; using thumbs, hands, knees, and feet to massage the body in a rhythmical way and move it through various yogic style postures and can be tailored to be as deep, relaxing or therapeutic as you’d like.
A great treatment for those with tight or over-exercised muscles.

Ante/Post-natal Physiotherapy
For women who are experiencing lower back, pelvic, gluteal or leg pain due to pregnancy.

My Rates
60/90/120 min massage – £70/100/125
60 min Physiotherapy Assessment – £70
60/45 min follow-up – £70/55
30 min massage – £40

Contact Details.
Abigail Asantewaa, Women’s Health Physiotherapist & Multi-Style Masseuse, can be reached using the following:
Telephone: 07584 781302
Email: [email protected]

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