Jessica Mallock Shamanic Energy and TRE Practitioner.

Jessica Mallock:

Shamanic Energy Work & TRE Practitioner

Based in Bath,Glastonbury, Somerset and London I practice as a Shaman working in energy medicine from the lineage of Q’ero Medicine people of Peru. Often people come to a Shaman when they have tried many other things. Because I work at an energetic level touching into your souls journey, I can often help you reach and release things that are hard to get to in other ways.

I am also a TRE (tension, stress and trauma release exercises) provider, which has really helped me learn to watch the body and I bring many of the skills from TRE like being grounded, present, in my body, compassion and empathy. All these skills help me to track energy patterns within your body using shamanic energy medicine.

Science is catching up with what Shaman have known for a longtime, that everything is energy and that we are connected through energy to everything, the stars, the earth and to each other.

Energy is held in your feelings, emotions, beliefs, thoughts, actions and movement’s. Anything that causes you discomfort. It could be an external event, person or situation that reflects something, or maybe it’s a felt sense, anxiety or pain. Sometimes it is something that has been passed down through generations a family pattern, basically anything that gets in your way of living the best version of yourself is heavy energy (Hucha). Energy medicine releases this Hucha energy and sends it back to the earth where it is composted. When heavy energy is released there is then space for light energy and often in an instant, and sometimes more slowly you can let go of old stories, thoughts, behaviours and ways of being.

Around your body there is a luminous energy field with seven Chakras. Chakra’s are like spinning wheels, which attach your energy field to your body. They correspond to nerve centres, major organs as well as psychological, emotional and spiritual states of being. When something happens, a wound, a trauma, all the time’s you could not express yourself, an imprint is left in your energy field, and your chakra’s may become blocked. I work in the luminous energy field to help you release any heavy energy. It is beautiful work and I hold a soft, grounded and present space for clients to release issues.

As I Shaman I spend lots of time looking at myself and undoing my wounds and in doing so I have found my vulnerability, innocence, curiosity, wonder, creativity, intuition, courage, power. My unique gifts that I had no idea of and a deep connection to my heart. It means I am different in the world, I often imagine rowing across a great lake without causing any ripples. I work in personal progress and each day brings a new opportunity to walk a path of certainty and with beauty. This is what I believe will make a change in the world at this time of the great turning when more and more people are waking up and become conscious.

I have been training with Chris Waters at Spirit of the Inca for the last few years and I have been invited to become an apprentice on the training program starting shortly. If your old map has run out, and you would like to live a different life, come and see me and together we can create a new map so that you can shine your light bright. For more information on shamanic energy medicine and TRE, or to arrange a treatment, please get in touch with me below.

Contact Details.
Jessica Mallock, shamanic energy and TRE practitioner can be reached using the following:
Email: [email protected]
Text/call: 07981 681510.

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