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Jessica Paliza:

Reiki Practitioner

My name is Jessica Paliza, I am a Reiki practitioner working at HQ Therapy Rooms in Haggerston, Hackney, London E8.

I run Abra Reiki, which I named after a stray cat that unexpectedly came into my life during a period of difficulty and showed me support, much in the same way Reiki did.

Reiki came to me after years of trauma finally caught up to me. I came to a point where I could no longer ignore these matters but I did not know how to address them in a way that felt right for me. Without knowing what Reiki was, I enrolled in a course in London. Soon after, my life started to change.

Reiki gently woke me up, placed me back in my body and showed me how to be here now. It allowed me to see myself, others and the world around me without an automatic filter of fear and anxiety for the first time. With Reiki, I am able to slow down, listen and notice where my emotions are coming from and what areas of my body and life they connect to so that I can tend to them in my own time.

For me, Reiki is what self-love and self-care looks like in action.

I am trained in both Eastern and Western lineages of Reiki. I’m also a member of the Reiki Guild. I volunteer as a Reiki practitioner with charities in London that aim to end homelessness and provide support to women with children in insecure housing situations.

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese system of healing that gently guides us back to a state of balance by applying meditative attention to our physical body and energy body.

Often times clients seek Reiki treatment when they are experiencing a low period in their lives. Reiki can absolutely help us to feel held during difficult times. One of the most powerful things about Reiki is witnessing how consistent Reiki treatment can bring balance and harmony to our lives every single day. For this reason, I recommend receiving Reiki treatment every 2 to 4 weeks.

Come check in with yourself and tend to the things that you maybe haven’t had the time to.

For more information about Reiki and the way I work, head over to
To book a session or ask any questions, email me at [email protected]

I look forward to sharing Reiki with you.

Contact Details.
Jessica Paliza, Reiki practitioner, can be reached using the following:
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @abra.reiki
Facebook: abra.reiki

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