An Emotional Body-Positive Image: Movement for Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health

What do you think of your body? Do you have a body-positive image of yourself? Do you like your body, trust it, love being in it? Do you even acknowledge this wonderful gift that enables you to move around and experience life?

I have realised through a lot of wonderful self-exploration and finally finding the right people and environments to support my relationship with my own body-positive image, that when I empower my body I create an anchor for my mind to settle. When my body is able to express itself, there is less of a battle between my mind, body and soul. Life just clicks. Does that make sense?

My name is Abi Adams and i work as a Movement Mentor & Holistic Coach, practising at HQ Therapy Rooms in Hackney, Central London. I’ve always been fascinated by the body and what it needs to make a person thrive on every possible level.

I have become aware in my years of training just how fundamental movement is for a body-positive image, mental wellbeing and emotional balance. I have learned how movement and holistic living could work together in perfect synergy to release trauma and break negative patterns.

And in doing so i have come to realise that my skills and experiences could enrich other people’s lives and help them to evolve, grow and flourish.

Here is one such personal story that goes a long way to explaining what i am saying:

Experiencing A Negative Body Positive Image Trigger

Experiencing A Negative Body Positive Image Trigger.Experiencing A Negative Body Positive Image Trigger / Image: Abi Adams /

Back in 2017, I was on a 1-month movement immersion in Miami. Our days consisted of 8-10 hours of movement ranging from running, martial arts, sparring, mobility, animal locomotion and yoga, with our brains working out during Mind Science.

In one of the mobility classes, we had to move across the floor in front of everyone putting together all the moves we had learned so a fluid movement pattern was created. I remember getting down on my knees and freezing.

In that moment I acknowledged that I was experiencing a negative body-positive image of myself resulting in absolute shame coursing through my body.

Shame in getting it wrong. The shame of not being good enough in front of my teacher (father figure issues rearing their head), not being good enough for anyone in the room. Absolute shame that stopped me in my tracks.

This moment had triggered me, and the charge arising from this experience had taken me straight to my emotional brain that rendered me unable to respond rationally. I realised in that one moment how I had been showing up to life’s experiences and why I was feeling so burdened by it all.

I wasn’t good enough, so “it” wasn’t good enough, so I would never be accepted. I was making myself unwelcome in all the situations I so desperately wanted to be welcome in because I had allowed the charge to take over the situation.

Can you relate to this story? Have you ever been so overwhelmed with emotion you feel unable to respond as you normally would?

Becoming Aware Of ‘Charge’

becoming aware of charge body positive.Becoming Aware Of ‘Charge’ / Image: Abi Adams /

What is charge? Charge is energy in stimulation that is neither positive nor negative (it’s only the way we perceive life that it becomes good or bad). The expressions of charge can be body shakes, shivers, laughing, crying, scared, and anxious among many, and these are all-natural expressions that we should feel free to explore.

We create charge from the outside in via our senses and we discharge this buildup of energy from the inside out. So you can see how balance is preserved through receiving and releasing. It’s our emotional constructs that create disharmony within and around because when we don’t want to experience something we perceive as bad we block it off or shut it down.

When you do this, you not only suppress the emotion, you suppress energy inflow and life force. In Shamanic teachings, this is called soul loss. The soul fragments in difficult situations and hides in another world.

Contemporary psychological concepts call this dissociation as a way of dealing with the experience we are too terrified to confront because we don’t understand it. We have to have a lot of trust in ourselves and the world around us to go into something we don’t understand or more commonly, where we can’t control the outcome.

Confronting Our triggers

Confronting Our triggers Body Positive Image.Confronting Our triggers / Image: Abi Adams /

When we are triggered, we are taken back to a similar experience so we can survive. Suppression, disassociation, soul loss enable the layering of experience to build up and up and up until one day you physically cannot contain the stress anymore and you react in whatever way you know-how (your emotional brain ruling the roost here as it tries to get you out of danger).

But our triggers are really our gateway to understanding how we perceive life and how this may have been limiting us.

Movement has saved me from a life of addiction, depression and soul loss. Not only have I forgiven myself, but I’ve also forgiven those that abused the small child that only ever wanted to be loved and welcomed into life. I am always astounded at the power just a small amount of movement can have on an emotional situation.

By challenging your movement and creating a body-positive image you begin to understand just what you are capable of and that you have a say in where you want your life to head. Developing a positive attitude towards your body image allows you to be comfortable with who you are, deal with emotional issues, reducing your stress levels and boosting self-esteem.

It’s all about moving onward and upwards.

For more information on Abi Adams check out her website.

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