Path Of Longing – A Spiritual Journey By Müge Erdogmus-Turnbull

What is the ‘Path of Longing’, how do we find it, where does it lead us to, and more importantly, what will we benefit if we take the journey along this spiritual byway?

Sometimes it is our home that we long for, sometimes it is intimacy; we long to be seen and met just as we are. Sometimes we long to come home to ourselves, to wear our ‘soul skin’, for our authentic presence in the world.

We long to belong, we long for the mother earth, for freedom and for the creative soul-child that lives in all of us.

And at times, we don’t know what we are longing for. If you were to walk on the Path of Longing, who or what would you meet on the way?

Perhaps we can imagine longing as a path, and it would be interesting to ask ourselves: “If I was to walk on the path of your longing, who or what would I meet on the way?” When we engage with ourselves in this way, through imagination, we are allowing whatever is in the depths of our psyche to come through to our consciousness.

As Thomas Moore suggests: “Soul prefers to imagine”. It is as if, we go on a journey to listen deeply, the whispers of our longing, and what is awaiting in us to be seen. Each time we allow ourselves to get in touch with our longing, we are listening to our soul’s calling.

This way, we can also begin to explore another question: “What gets in the way of me making contact with that I most long for?” Through these questions, we are creating a dialogue between the different parts of ourselves and bringing a kind awareness to our fears and resistances.

This kind of awareness can be very transformative. Whatever comes to light, loses its power to hold us back from getting in touch with what we long for. And the more we can find imaginative, creative, soulful ways of engaging with our longing, the more wholesome individuals we become. Through this journey of wholeness and integration, we live more and more in touch with meaning and depth.

We will soon be embarking on a journey along the Path of Longing in an experiential workshop to explore this theme. We will work in an embodied, creative way using movement, story enactment, ritual, meditation as well as sharing in the group.

Path of Longing Experimental Workshop With Müge Erdogmus-Turnbull

The Path of Longing - An Experimental Workshop With Müge Erdogmus-Turnbull
In this Path of Longing workshop, we will be making space for deep listening to hear the whispers of our longing. We will work in an embodied, creative way using movement, story enactment, ritual, meditation as well as sharing in the group.

We will journey together with a sense of curiosity, an openness to receive the forgotten, and with compassion towards ‘what gets in the way’.

A warm invitation to this alchemical journey..!

“May you have the wisdom to enter generously into your own unease. To discover the new direction your longing wants you to take.” (J. O’Donohue)

When & Where?

  • Date: Saturday 23rd November 2019
  • Time: 10 am- 5pm
  • Venue: Location: HQ Therapy Rooms / 322C Kingsland Road / Haggerston / London / E8 4DE (2 mins walk from the station)
  • Cost: £60/£50 (concessions)
  • Register & Contact: [email protected]

*Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move in.

For more Path of Longing workshop details and to get tickets online you can book through THIS LINK.

About Müge Erdogmus-Turnbull (UKCP, HCPC, MA)

Muge Erdogmus About
Müge is an Integrative and Transpersonal Psychotherapist trained at Re-Vision. She is also a Sesame trained Dramatherapist. She has practiced extensively with children, adolescents and adults who suffered abuse and trauma.

Currently, in private practice, Müge has a passion for group work and regularly runs groups with therapists, mental health practitioners as well as others interested in creative depth work.

You can find out more about her on her website.

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