Andy Critchley Dramatherapist.

Andy Critchley:


Andy Critchley is a qualified state registered Dramatherapist (Arts Psychotherapist) and has a warm, non-judgemental empathic approach to therapy.

As a therapist in NHS mental health services he has worked across a wide spectrum of experiences often relating to self-esteem, isolation, low mood, anxiety, formative relationships, loss, transition, understanding patterns of behaviour, realising potential and celebrating being yourself.

Andy believes that therapy can be challenging but also kind, inspiring, always empowering and sometimes great fun.

A creative psychodynamic approach is a natural self-healing process.

Creativity is utilised as a way of finding language for experiences and feelings that might otherwise be hard to share or put into words – also to tune back in to the parts of ourselves that advocate for us and nurture us.

Sometimes by projecting our feelings and experiences into art forms or stories we can gain some relief and distance – discovering fresh perspectives. Putting your life into context to establish self-empathy.

Andy has private practice with HQ Therapy Rooms in their Haggerston and Dalston practices in Hackney, E8 and also works as a therapist across NHS adult, child and adolescent and mental well-being services.

Contact Details.
Andy Critchley, Dramatherapist can be reached using the following:
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07815198443

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