Andy Critchley Drama and Art Psychotherapist.

Andy Critchley

Drama and Art Psychotherapist

Andy Critchley is an MA qualified state registered Drama therapist (Art Psychotherapist) who uses the creative flexible language of music, art and theatre to facilitate self-healing.

By projecting our feelings and experiences into art forms or stories we can gain some distance and then new perspectives on our own lives. 

Creativity is a natural human healing process and in the therapy situation there is no good or bad art. It is used as a way of getting back in touch with our own rhythms – to tune back in to the parts of ourselves that advocate for us and nurture us.

There is no formulaic approach to this work and your process is the only priority in the therapeutic relationship; that potentially includes everything from talking to psychodrama.

Andy has private practice and has also previously worked in NHS mental health outpatient and inpatient/forensic teams.


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