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Brendan Riley:


My name is Brendan Riley, I am a qualified Hypnotherapist in private practice at HQ Therapy Rooms in Dalston, East London E8.

Before hypnotherapy, I studied at the University of North London where I qualified as a nurse and spent most of my nursing career in A&E, and in the TV and film industry, in London, Newcastle and Hamburg.

I was also (and still am) a musician, comedian, comedy-writer, an MC at comedy events, and write for other comics.

I also have slightly more serious academic interests. I am a linguist and published author on language and dialect. I have written on the social psychology of minority languages and I have a second book due out in 2019.

I completed my hypnotherapy diploma in 2018 with Hypnotic World International Academy of Hypnotherapy. I am a member of the Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association (PHPA).

I base my practice on Cognitive Hypnotherapy, which combines traditional methods of hypnosis (the oldest form of “talk therapy”) with the branch of practical psychology known as NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

We can use hypnotherapy to assess your priorities, to see where you feel you are in life and where you feel you are going, and to set and achieve your personal and professional goals. Modern hypnotherapy can offer much more than just giving up cigarettes!

Hypnosis brings about positive change in your life by “suggesting” to your unconscious mind different and more helpful ideas than those which may have held you back. Your unconscious mind is a powerful computer and is where you store your fundamental beliefs about yourself and the world.

If your core beliefs are that you are not good enough to be loved, unfit to get a better job, unable to stop over-eating, or give up the fags, then that will inevitably be your experience. And all the diet fads, nicotine patches and dating apps in the world will never change that experience… until you change those core beliefs.

The work we do together in therapy will include some light pieces of “”home-work”, because we teach you the skills of self-hypnosis, which you can practice yourself, which should be fun, effective, and very often life-changing.

Of course the sessions we have together will usually include a time in which you are guided into that relaxed state called “hypnotic trance”. But that will only be part of our work, and we will discuss and explain trance in our initial free meeting (but don’t worry, even in trance, you will be fully aware, you will not be “under my power” and you will be able to safely wake from trance any time you like). The trance state is most often described as like a very pleasant day-dream.

The Next Step:
For more information on how hypnosis works, and to book a free-of-charge initial chat to see how hypnotherapy with me can help you achieve your goals please message me through my website.

Contact Details.
Brendan Riley, Integrative Hypnotherapist can be reached using the following:
Mobile: 07901 248 424

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