Daniel Cigman

Integrative Psychotherapist

A few reflections on psychotherapy and how I practice that may give some insight and help you in choosing a therapist. It’s not an easy task to find someone.

Therapy, as I see it, involves working towards a greater awareness, a deeper sense of acceptance and a kindness towards ourselves and others. There is a readiness in opening ourselves up to the possibility of contact and meaningful lived experience. Something human and sustaining. At each step there is an act of commitment and courage, that’s important to recognise. Imagination helps too in facilitating change, and we all possess it.

The foundations of the therapeutic relationship are built on dialogue, trust and an affinity between two people that may be termed mutuality. It may take a little time to establish. And understandably so. It’s also non-judgemental, that’s important to mention.

I work with the felt sense in connecting with what emotionally resonates. Safely. With a quality of care. There’s a shared curiosity in allowing what may emerge to emerge, in making a space for what may previously have been unheard or unacknowledged. Questions come up such as, what is it that I am experiencing? What choice do I have in how I encounter that which is difficult? How might this otherwise be?

I facilitate, perhaps guide at times. It’s a creatively rewarding process, as we navigate a path towards change, whatever form that may take. Mainly it’s about what you bring and openly sharing our responses. Facing your situation together. Doing so with good intention and compassion.

My approach and training is humanistic-existential, a broad and flexible model.

For some years I worked as a Psychotherapist in an NHS outpatients setting at the Maudsley Hospital, South London.

I abide by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy’s code of ethics and practice.

I work both short and longer-term with clients who experience a range of psychological difficulties and life issues, including;

• Anxiety & panic related symptoms

• Depression & depressive tendencies

• Relationship issues

• Bereavement & loss

• Life transitions

• Trauma and related symptoms

• Addictive behaviours

• Isolation & loneliness & self esteem

• Disordered eating

• Sexual identity & sexual issues

• A search for life balance, creative practice & meaningful experience

• Self-worth


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Email: [email protected]

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