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Gareth Prosser (UKCP):

Attachment-Based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

My name is Gareth Prosser, I am an Attachment-Based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, practicing from HQ Therapy Rooms in Haggerston, E8 and also my private practice in Stoke Newington, N16. My work includes one day for the NHS as an Honorary Parent and Infant Psychotherapist at The Maudsley Hospital, South London.

Attachment-based psychotherapy can be helpful for individuals curious about understanding how we got to where we are today, alongside facing some of the feelings and fears we may have hidden from ourselves. When we feel alone, or when relationships went wrong in childhood or adulthood, our ability to manage daily life can feel disrupted, even throwing us into crisis. Attachment-based psychotherapy at the core, hold the understanding of the importance that relationships offer to human growth and individual development throughout life, regardless of how one may choose to identify.

Often, the disruptions we experience, leave profound consequences on our ability to create and maintain safe, loving and respectful relationships with both ourselves, our intimate partners and friends. They can impact the way we feel about ourselves, our identity and how we relate to other people, reducing our self-esteem, our confidence, leaving us feeling brittle, fragile or depressed.

As a gay man and a father, I have a particular interest in working with LGBTQ+ people regarding issues such as gender, sexuality, diversity, and relationships (GSDR). Please contact me should you have any specific questions relating to GSDR or how gay affirmative therapy can be supportive for you.

A member of the UKCP, I follow their Ethical Framework alongside The Bowlby Centre, my training institute, where I am also a member.

What you can expect from psychoanalytic psychotherapy:
You are openly invited to talk about all aspects of yourself – past experiences as well as present-day, current and past relationships, future ambitions, sexual life, emotional life, values, beliefs, and even dreams. In truth, nothing is off-limits, especially given so much of our lives are ruled by unconscious processes. The hope we have is the relationship between us develops and will become an important part of your therapy.

My aim is to provide an empathic, non-judgmental and confidential space, fostering a safe and supportive environment for you to explore difficult experiences and feelings. Feelings can include exciting, erotic and pleasurable experiences that you might want to understand in more depth also. Sessions last for 50 minutes (unless otherwise agreed) and arranged once, twice or three times a week.

I approach our work in an open-ended way, therefore therapy may continue for months or several years, depending on your individual needs. Many people who have experienced difficulties over many years value a long-term approach to this work.

If you would like to book an initial consultation or would like to ask any questions, please contact me using the following details below:

Contact Details.
Gareth Prosser, Attachment based psychoanalytic psychotherapist:
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07456 680358

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