Lian Blue


As human beings it is inevitable that we will experience painful, uncomfortable or uncertain moments during our life. Sometimes we are able process these experiences on our own, while other times we are left feeling “stuck” and unsure how to take the next step. It is my aim to create a safe and nurturing environment where couples and individuals are able to explore their emotional pain and feelings of stuckness. I want to empower you with tools, where you can learn to look inward and begin to transform the world you live in from within. Through this uncovering process you can start to make friends with yourself, and your past, learning to connect to the beliefs that may be consciously or unconsciously running the show. I believe that in order to live a happy and fulfilled life it is important to invite all of our feelings, especially the more uncomfortable ones, and allow full expression of them through our words, our body, our laughter and our tears. 

My therapeutic approach utilizes a unique blend of disciplines including Bowen family system, Gestalt, cognitive and somatic techniques, as well as a transpersonal perspective. I will encourage you to explore many different areas of your life, all the while helping you align with your counselling goal. In a non-judgmental and supportive environment together we will move forward developing a productive, positive, life-enriching action plan.

You may feel nervous or anxious entering therapy for the first time, but each session is merely an invitation to explore what is underneath our uncomfortable feelings. It is a place to be heard, to be held and to test the boundaries of our experience in a safe environment. Each session will be an hour in length and the pace is guided entirely by you, the client. 

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