Noreen Dowling Clinical Psychologist.

Noreen Dowling:

Clinical Psychologist

My name is Noreen Dowling and i am a fully qualified Registered Clinical Psychologist by profession working as a clinician in the NHS and in private practice at HQ Therapy Rooms in Hackney, E8.

My aim as a therapist is to create a safe space where people can explore their difficulties and develop a way of better understanding how these are being maintained. This can involve thinking about how people understand themselves, their relationships with others and how they can move towards the life that they want.

As a clinical psychologist, I draw from variety of models in order for the therapy to be personalised for each individual.

Which Therapies Can I Offer?
I am trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, Systemic Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. I am also influenced by other approaches such as Cognitive Analytic Therapy and Compassion Focused Therapy.

As part of my clinical training, each individual’s therapeutic work would be personalised for them drawing from these models.

Training, Qualifications and Experience
As a qualified clinical Psychologist, I am a registered with the Health & Care Professions Council which guarantees my level of training and professional qualifications. Previous to my Doctoral training, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Master’s Degree in Clinical Neuropsychology.

Throughout my years in clinical practice, I have worked in a variety of clinical settings, including working with children, adolescents, adults and group work, offering both short-term and long-term evidenced-based therapy. Within these areas, I also enjoy working with adults with learning disabilities and cognitive impairments following brain injuries.

I am currently completing my training in Cognitive Analytic Therapy which focuses on supporting individuals in managing difficulties in their relationships and finding new ways of being, which is a particular passion of mine.

During my clinical practice, I have gained extensive experience of working with depression and anxiety disorders such as panic, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder and generalised anxiety disorder.

Getting Started
I understand that finding a therapist can be difficult, so please feel free to contact me on either phone or email so that I can give you further information and we can discuss any concerns you may have.

If following this, you would like to arrange an initial appointment, this can be arranged below with no further commitment required.

Contact Details.
Noreen Dowling, clinical psychologist, can be reached using the following:
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 07824 391377

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