Ryan Noronha Psychiatrist EMDR Theta practitioner.

Ryan Noronha:

Psychiatrist, EMDR and Theta Practitioner

My name is Dr Ryan Noronha, I am a Consultant Psychiatrist with over 15 years of experience working in the NHS. I currently work from my practice at HQ Therapy Rooms in Hackney, E8.

Treating clients with medications drove me to look for powerful non pharmacological therapies to heal clients, and train in a range of therapies.

My work involves helping my clients deal with issues such as trauma, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, loss, bereavement, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, addictions, disabilities, illness, relationship problems, low self esteem and self confidence, bullying and self harm.

I also work with people who do not feel they might have any of the above difficulties, or have done a lot of inner work and are now struggling to take that final step into living the full authentic lives they know are capable of living.

After having worked with thousands of clients, I’ve settled on the modalities that I have found to be the most effective.

  • EMDR is a powerful, rapid, and effective evidence based modality to heal traumas.
  • Theta Healing works to get to underlying, often unconscious beliefs that cause aberrant behavioural patterns, and resolves them at the root level.
  • NLP and Hypnotherapy work to bypass the conscious mind to change behavioural patterns.
  • I also do Life Coaching for select clients.

I am also working towards being a Jungian therapist, and currently doing a Foundation Course in Jungian Analysis, and a year long Jungian Process and Experiential Group on Trauma.

What I most enjoy working with therapeutic modalities is where clients find their own way to rapidly (and often permanently) remove the emotional charge associated with traumatic memories, remove disempowering beliefs, get to the root cause of why they have been behaving a certain way, and equip them with powerful tools for the future.

If you would like an initial consultation to see if we can work together please contact me via one of the following options below.

Contact Details.
Dr Ryan Noronha, Psychiatrist, EMDR and Theta Practitioner, can be reached using the following:
Website: smilesonfaces.co.uk
Email: [email protected]

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