Ula Sroda Gestalt Psychotherapist

Ula Sroda (UKCP/MBACP) :

Gestalt Psychotherapist & Counsellor

My name is Ula Sroda, I am UKCP/MBACP registered Gestalt Psychotherapist & Counsellor working from my practice at HQ Therapy Rooms in Hackney, E8. I have been working in various therapeutic settings with adults, children and adolescents for the last eleven years both in private practice as well as a part of a multidisciplinary team in organisations.

I gained an MSc and Diploma in Gestalt psychotherapy from Middlesex University and Diploma in Psychotherapy from Metanoia Institute, London, one of the leading training centres for counsellors and psychotherapists in the UK.

I worked as one of the assistant tutors on a MSc in Gestalt psychotherapy course in Metanoia Institute and as a counselling therapist in a community school in west London. I also facilitated and co-facilitated workshops on stress reduction, mindfulness, body process and resilience.

I have been participating in mindful movement workshops on a regular basis as well as mindfulness meditation courses across Europe. For many years I participated in experimental theatre performances and trained with contemporary Shamans in Scotland.

Integrating these practices into the therapeutic work supports and grounds me as well as offers a direction in my development as psychotherapist.

About Gestalt Psychotherapy:
Gestalt therapy focuses on gaining awareness of the present moment in the present context. In therapy, we learn to discover feelings/emotions that may have been suppressed (depressed) or masked by other feelings (behaviours, anxieties, for example) and to accept and trust ourselves.

There is an emphasis on direct contact between therapist and client as well as direct experience sometimes referred to as the focus on the “what and how” and the “here and now’ of the therapeutic situation.

It is a practical and creative approach to therapy. It emphasizes that people cannot be understood in isolation but only as part of the environment in which they live. The approach focuses on the development of people’s holistic awareness of themselves, their circumstances and how they function in those circumstances. This involves assisting people to get a fuller sense of the ways they feel and think and act in different situations and at different times, through awareness of their moment-to-moment activity in the therapeutic setting. In turn it helps to increase choices about how they live their lives and interact with others.

Although Gestalt is my theoretical ‘spine’ in my work I integrate elements of Process Oriented Psychotherapy (POP), neuroscience, Play therapy, Arts and Creative movement. I also work as a teacher in a secondary school and privately I am passionate about philosophy and politics.

Contact Details:
Ula Sroda, UKCP/MBACP registered Gestalt Psychotherapist & Counsellor, can be reached using the following:
Website: www.ulasroda.co.uk
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 07984 382072

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