Alexander Howden Integrative Therapist

Alexander Howden:

Trainee Integrative Therapist

My name is Alexander Howden, I am a trainee therapist working in the low-cost therapy and counselling service at HQ Therapy Rooms in Hackney, London E8.

I am working towards the Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling at the CPPD Therapy School in Crouch End. I’m a father of two, have lived in various places abroad and have spent two decades working in the corporate world in the City.

In addition to the experience gained through counselling training and attending personal therapy, I’ve had experience in supporting close family and friends with mental health concerns, bereavement and other life transitions. This includes working on my own anxiety and fears that have been brought up through changing life stages.

As a trainee I enjoy working with people from all backgrounds, however, I also have a growing interest in some of the challenges that men face in a variety of issues, some of which are as simple as giving themselves permission to acknowledge their inner feelings and experience.

Balancing life, career, parenthood and relationships can throw up challenges and may often suddenly come and take us by surprise, leaving us feeling lost and overwhelmed. At other times we may feel that we are drifting, perhaps unable to identify a specific “problem” but have a sense that something isn’t right and that there might be a better way to live a fuller life.

I will see you as an individual with your own unique story and life experience and will work with you to explore new ways to relate to yourself and those around you. The absolute core of our work will be based on treating you, the client, with compassion – as a human who will always be respected and accepted as you are.

My training draws on principles of Gestalt, Person-Centred Therapy and Transactional Analysis, but through my understanding of what has helped me in my own journey, I may also draw on the experience of meditation, breathwork, movement and nutrition.

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