Clare Holt Arts Psychotherapist

Clare Holt:

Trainee Arts Psychotherapist

Hello, I’m Clare Holt, and I’m an arts psychotherapist trainee working with the low-cost therapy and counselling service at HQ Therapy Rooms in Hackney, London E8.

Currently, in the final stages of training, I have experience in working therapeutically with issues around loss, trauma, childhood abuse, depression, addiction, anxiety, psychosis, disability, gender dysphoria and reassignment, self-harm, domestic violence, and dissociation.

I am also a qualified social worker with many years of experience working with children and families.

My therapy is psychodynamic and integrative, and that allows us to have a look at difficulties with a variety of perspectives and understand how different parts of self have different needs and behaviours.

My approach is trauma-informed, which means our therapeutic relationship is an important base on which to build safety, emotional regulation, and a space to explore the things affecting your life and relationships. This way of working doesn’t seek to expose or confront early wounds but explores how trauma is stored in the body and how this affects thoughts, feelings, behaviours and relationships.

Awareness, understanding, and compassion can allow you to heal and make positive changes in your life.

In addition to this work, we can use the expressive arts – making images, writing, using the sand tray, using clay or objects from nature, music, bodywork, drama or movement – any combination you feel comfortable with. Using the expressive arts is a useful way to describe complex thoughts and feelings and reflecting on what you have made can help you see deeper meanings and associations between them.

One client has told me it feels like looking in a mirror. We can also use the arts to help regulate the body when it feels overwhelmed or out of control, and also as a substitute for words when they’re too difficult to say or out of conscious awareness. Using the arts can also, quite simply, help as a buffer when it feels too hard to maintain eye contact.

I offer online therapy in an empathic, non-judgemental and validating space at a time to suit you. Work can either be short term and focussed on a particular aspect, or it can be long term to allow for deeper reflections and longer-lasting changes.

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