David Mark integrative therapist and coach

David Mark:

Trainee Integrative Therapist & Coach

My name is David Mark, I am a trainee integrative therapist and coach working in the low-cost therapy and counselling service at HQ Therapy Rooms in Hackney, London E8.

Do you sometimes struggle with specific emotions, thoughts or behaviours and just cannot get them to shift? Do you feel they are living rent-free inside your head? Do you sometimes get niggling pains or suffer from chronic health conditions, that seems unresolvable or do not have a direct medical cause?

Some of our problems are outside of our influence, however, we can certainly work on our internal conflicts that may arise from our emotions, thoughts, behaviours and are experienced in our body.

My name is David, and my goal is to work with you so that you become better at the art of this thing we call living. I can work with you using integrative therapy and coaching and this means the approach I use is individualised, specifically for you.

You have taken the first brave step, I would like to assure you will feel safe to explore what’s important to you, I will listen without judgement or give advice, as undoubtedly, you have all of these resources within you. We would certainly spend time building trust, through empathic listening, compassion, and genuineness.

It’s valuable to understand existing patterns, and as appropriate exploring their origins, how you may experience the world, such as within your body, your relationships, your personal influence, and the meaning of your existence.

We would also do rebalancing work, and this involves working with your body, which is always communicating, but sometimes we are not skilled in listening. This rebalancing means we could look at patterns of your relationships and how to create greater harmony.

Finally, we can collaboratively generate new patterns, so that you can influence and relate better to your emotions, thoughts, behaviours and how you experience the world through your body. I believe this is where coaching proves its value, in purposefully living these new patterns.

Everyone’s experience of the world is specific to their context and so together we can go on a journey of discovery and exploration. My personal philosophy is that we get better at the art of living, by becoming more accepting of our whole selves, not just parts, and sometimes this means change and sometimes it means acceptance or a mixture of the two.

About me: I am entering my second year in Integrated Counselling and Coaching PG Dip / MSc at the University of East London. The integrated modalities I use are primarily Person Centred, Psychodynamic, Existential, Gestalt and CBT.

I have voluntary experience in counselling, substance abuse and behaviour change. My interests also include mindfulness (as a practising Buddhist), therapeutic hypnosis for chronic health conditions, skateboarding and jamming.

I work voluntarily with the charity Re-Engage.

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