Milena Georgieva Trainee Integrative Therapist

Milena Georgieva:

Trainee Integrative Therapist

Hi, my name is Milena Georgieva and I am a trainee integrative therapist working in the low-cost therapy and counselling service at HQ Therapy Rooms, London.

I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology (BSc) from Oxford Brookes University and am currently studying on the MSc Integrative Counselling and Coaching course at the University of East London.

External pressures, stressors, negative life experiences and events can sometimes challenge us beyond the point where we feel capable of managing the situation or our feelings and thoughts. Thus, we can end up feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, stuck in a cycle. This can be increasingly difficult especially if we do not have a person to talk to.

As a therapist, this is where I can offer an open and compassionate therapeutic space, where you can be yourself with all of your quirks and we can work together to explore, problem-solve and manage things better. My role as a therapist is to facilitate you in exploring your issues and finding ways to cope better – in ways that make sense to you and your unique circumstances and background.

I work in an integrative way (i.e. I combine different therapeutic modalities within my practice), with a particular focus on exploring and making sense of your content, as well as finding ways to manage and function in a more optimal way, whatever that is for you.

The aim of our therapeutic sessions would be to gain deeper insight into your internal processes, as well as address some of the habits and behaviours that might prevent you from living up to your full potential. Importantly, I will always work in a manner that reflects your desired outcomes from therapy.

I have an undergraduate degree in psychology, so I have a good theoretical understanding of mental health issues and psychological distress, including its aetiology and maintenance mechanisms. This can come in handy if we are dealing with complex or chronic psychological distress, as sometimes it can be helpful to think through things in a more systematic way, particularly if something has not worked for you in the past.

Having spent a long time in higher education settings, either studying or working with young people, I appreciate the unique demands placed on young adults, who are trying to figure out their way in a complex and competitive environment. My work has always revolved around people and building relationships, so I am familiar with the life challenges many of us face and the stress that comes from that.

I am happy to work online or in person.

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