Zander Levy Existential Psychotherapist

Zander Levy:

Trainee Existential Psychotherapist

My name is Zander Levy and I am a trainee counsellor & coach working in the low-cost therapy and counselling service for HQ Therapy.

Having begun my training with an integrative certificate at Regents, I am now embarking on a doctorate in existential psychotherapy at The New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling. My practice builds on my understanding of all the core therapeutic modalities and my own life experience to create an honest, open space to explore whatever might be unfolding for you without judgment.

I believe in therapy as a co-created dynamic that enables you to better understand your world with all its particularities and curiosities, as opposed to a process where the therapist yields all the power and knowledge. We are all stuck in patterns and ways of seeing the world that no longer serve us and it is only through bringing awareness and understanding to the paradoxes we inhabit that we can begin to change.

My passion for existential therapy is born out of its focus on the choices, dilemmas and limitations that come with existence and the way in which they help us navigate, with resolve and humility, the very grounds of our being. It is a process that brings us into contact with the conflicting impulses that scatter our minds and helps illuminate the ways in which we are holding ourselves back. Through a willingness to look at the uncomfortable and accept the givens of life, a process unfolds where those alienated aspects of ourselves can be integrated, bringing us into ever greater alignment with the values and truths we want to live by.

The practice of existential therapy is at its core phenomenological which means it focusses on direct experience and bringing you ever closer to what is going on for you in the here-and-now. We so often believe we know what’s unfolding in our own experience but, upon closer inspection, discover we are in fact only in touch with very limited aspects of it. It is only through getting into contact with our actual lived impulses, sensations and desires that we can begin to better know ourselves and move from a reactive place into a more spacious and creative one.

This experience is available in every therapeutic encounter and the key to making it work is a commitment to honestly and courageously bring yourself to every session, regardless of what is going on for you. With that step, a fascinating, rich and powerful process opens out and, with it, the possibility to get in touch with the wonder and potential that underpins every life.

I am interested in all the challenges life brings but have particular experience in working with anxiety, sleep difficulties, relationship issues, sexuality, trauma, spirituality and questions of meaning.

As part of the low-cost psychotherapy service at HQ, I ask for an initial commitment to four sessions, with no cap on how long we can work together. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

I am available to work online, over the phone or face-to-face, as soon as the government restrictions allow.

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