HQ Low-Cost Therapy - Contacting Us For Help And Advice

Low-Cost Therapy: Contacting Us For Help & Advice

So, you are not quite sure yet if you are ready to take an online Low-Cost Therapy Assessment, your first step to getting low-cost therapy. That’s ok, maybe you are feeling that you need some more information and probably have a few questions to ask before you feel you are making the right choice.

This is where we are here to help guide you to make the right decision for YOU.

If you’re new to this world then the first steps can sometimes be the most difficult. Therapy can be a very effective treatment for a range of personal problems covering areas from physical and emotional problems, and different types of behavioural disorders, to human sexuality issues and a host of well-being and complementary therapy issues.

Many people believe that they need to be suffering from “mental illness” or severe “psychological problems”, or be in crisis in order for therapy and counselling to be appropriate for them. This is a common misconception; anyone can benefit from therapeutic treatment when it comes to helping you deal with their personal feelings and problems, make positive changes in their life, and understand themselves better.

Any problem you have that is causing you concern, anxiety or distress is a valid and appropriate reason to reach out and find a therapist and talk to them about it. Far from something to be ashamed of, acknowledging your vulnerability and asking for help is a sign of maturity and strength.

Talking about your thoughts and feelings with a supportive therapist can often make you feel better and help you face your problems. It feels good to be listened to and to know that someone cares about you and wants to help. It is important that you find a therapist with whom you feel comfortable and can build a trusting relationship to help you make positive changes in your life.

Once you feel you are ready to take that first step into therapeutic help you will first need to have an initial online low-cost therapy assessment with a qualified Client Assessment Coordinator, so that they can evaluate exactly what kind of therapy you need, and a suitable therapist you should be placed with who can work with you and be there to help you deal with your issues (***Please note, sessions are weekly***).

If you still feel you are not quite ready to make that commitment yet and need more information then simply fill out the form below in confidence, and we can work with you to make sure you are fully informed and decide whether you are ready to begin your journey and receive the correct therapy and counselling you require.