Our Therapy Rooms In Hackney, London E8

HQ Therapy Consulting Rooms, situated in the heart of London and with easy access to public transport has been designed to provide a warm, inviting, safe and supportive space for both clients and therapists alike.

We feel that it is important that our clients have comfortable surroundings and a non-judgmental space where they can feel free to explore what they need to and move toward their own growth and healing.

Our Central London spaces in Hackney E8 are part of an interactive community that encourages our therapists to engage with one another and offers regular opportunities for professional and personal development in the form of workshops and lectures covering a wide range of topics.

Located in East London, close to the city, our Dalston and Haggerston consulting rooms contain stylish boutique spaces which are perfect for therapist/client therapy sessions and are also available to hire for any therapists looking to base their therapy practice very close to the city in Hackney.

HQ Therapy Rooms are proud to house qualified talking therapists, reduced-rate therapists, low-cost therapists, and well-being/complimentary practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds, training, and different types of therapy modalities, including psychological, physical, and meditative therapies.

Our therapy rooms offer space to suit any client requirements and session time availability to suit your needs. The Haggerston practice houses 8 consulting rooms, 2 treatment rooms, 1 group room, and a therapists lounge. HQ Dalston practice houses two consulting rooms and one group room.

For any qualified therapy practitioners interested in joining the practice please take a look at our therapy room hire/rental options that suit your needs, plus the great benefits that we offer when you join us at HQ Therapy (or fill out the form at the bottom of the page).

HQ Therapy Rooms – A haven for therapy.

HQ Therapy Rooms Haggerston

Situated in Haggerston, Hackney, E8 and very close to the city, our beautiful light and welcoming therapy consulting rooms are just a one minute walk from the nearby Haggerston Overground station and within easy access to multiple bus routes.

HQ Therapy Rooms Dalston

Situated in the heart of Dalston, Hackney E8 our light and airy therapy consulting rooms are just a one minute walk from the nearby Dalston Kingsland and two minutes from Dalston Juction Overground stations and within easy access to multiple bus routes.

Where to find our therapy rooms

Situated in Hackney E8, HQ Therapy Dalston and HQ Therapy Haggerston are spread over two locations, our beautiful, light and welcoming therapy rooms have been designed to provide a warm, inviting, safe and supportive space for both clients and therapists alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Contact You For Advice About Getting Therapy?

Talking about your thoughts and feelings with a supportive therapist can often make you feel better and help you face your problems. It feels good to be listened to and to know that someone cares about you and wants to help. It is important that you find a therapist with whom you feel comfortable and can build a trusting relationship to help you make positive changes in your life.

But how do you know what type of therapy is right for you? Taking the first steps in finding the right therapist can be the biggest hurdle for newcomers, so we have made it easy. Simply fill out the form below in confidence, and one of our fully qualified referral therapists can work with you to make sure you connect with the right practitioner and receive the correct therapy and counselling services you require.

Our practitioners deal with a wide range of therapy issues using different therapy modalities for the clients we work with. We also cater for people who are beset with financial difficulties, offering them services ranging from low-cost therapy and reduced rate therapy, to working with seasoned, qualified and accredited talking therapists.

Is Therapy & Counselling For Me?

Any problem you have that is causing you concern, anxiety or distress is a valid and appropriate reason to reach out and talk to a therapist about it. Far from something to be ashamed of, acknowledging your vulnerability and asking for help is a sign of maturity and strength.

If you feel that you have a desire and are committed to making changes in your life in order to overcome your current problems and achieve more long-term satisfaction, psychological wellbeing and personal fulfilment, then you are ready to seek therapy. We are here to help you work through a wide range of therapy issues that might be troubling you.

Often therapists offer an introductory session. This is an opportunity for both therapist and client to decide if they would like to work together. If you are not sure about the first therapist you see, it is better to arrange to see another. You may want to speak on the phone or arrange initial appointments with several therapists to help you decide.

Here are some of the key problems that our clients often seek help with us for:

Major life events & life changes
A divorce or break-up, a financial crisis, serious health issues or an accident, dealing with mid-life crisis, or ageing concerns.

Depression & Anxiety
Lack of motivation, struggling to get out of bed, feeling like your life has no meaning, feeling that the things that used to bring you joy now seem insignificant, feeling suicidal, feeling nervous or panicky, fears or phobias, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Ranging from feelings of irritation to rage; experienced as unmanageable because its uncontrollable, confusing, pervading, ever present, explosive.

Blended family issues
The challenges of step children, sibling rivalry, custody battles, family and work conflicts and financial concerns.

Parenting Issues
Bullying or other problems at school, anti-social behaviour, excessive screen time, setting boundaries, communicating effectively, discipline, dealing with body image issues, self-harm, low self-esteem and confidence, ADHD, eating disorders, and gender identity issues.

Substance abuse & Addiction
Common addictions include smoking, gambling, alcohol, drugs, codependency, sex and love. Addiction can include anything with which we have a formed a compulsive habit.

Bereavement, grief & loss
The loss of a spouse, child or other family member, a friend, or pet. Major life changes can also cause feelings of grief for example moving or a changing jobs.

Eating Disorders
Anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder. Food can be used as a way to cope with stress or to feel in control.

Low self esteem
Poor self image and lack of assertiveness generating feelings of sadness, guilt, shame, frustration or anger.

A deeply distressing or disturbing event. This can be one-off occurrence or a series of several experiences, small or large, that have overwhelmed a persons ability to cope.

Will Information About Me Be Safe & Secure?

It is quite normal to be hesitant when it comes to sharing private and intimate information about yourself with a stranger. You may fear that you will receive judgment from your therapist, or that your therapist will share your details with others.

HQ Therapy Rooms takes your privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Our therapists are required to keep everything said in therapy sessions between you, just like your doctor is required to keep your records private.

For therapy to be effective, there must be unconditional trust built between you and your therapist, and this relies on a shared understanding of confidentiality. It applies to the outside world as well: it is standard practice for therapists not to acknowledge their clients if they run into them outside of the therapy rooms in order to help protect their client’s confidentiality. Read our full privacy policy for more information.