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HQ Therapy Rooms are calm, comfortable therapy rooms situated in the heart of Dalston. We have 4 rooms; three consulting rooms and one large room suitable for group work. We also offer a co-working, meeting space and a community with which to engage.

HQ Therapy Rooms aims to be a hub for therapists. In addition to room hire, we are offering regular opportunities for professional development and networking in the form of workshops and lectures, co-working spaces, articles and newsletters covering a wide range of topics. Our ethos is to support our therapists by developing a community for those interested. Through online resources and and a variety of networking opportunities, we aim to keep our therapists connected with prospective clients as well as the wider therapeutic community.

We are offering:

  • Four bright, stylish rooms at 2 adjacent locations right next to Dalston Kingsland Station
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Lounge for socialising and co-working. 
  • Workshops and lectures, online articles and blogs
  • High profile website with personal pages for individual therapists, 
  • Advertise your own private practice and an Internal referral system for clients.
  • All information about CPD events and workshops will be detailed on our website, together with monthly articles and blogs 
  • Termly newsletters

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