HQ Therapy Rooms in Hackney, Central London.

HQ Therapy Rooms is dedicated to emotional wellbeing. We offer confidential counselling and psychotherapy services for a range of concerns in our personal and friendly Central London practices in Dalston and Haggerston, Hackney E8.

Our registered, fully qualified male and female counsellors and psychotherapists specialise in traditional psychotherapy as well as in contemporary techniques like TRE and integrative psychotherapy, so that you can find a therapist with the right style and therapy treatment that suits you.

We regularly treat varied issues like depression, stress, anxiety, anger management, relationships, bereavement, and also offer life coaching for both growth at work and on a personal level.

Founded by psychotherapist and TRE practitioner Melanie Cox in 2015, this personal and friendly practice offers a uniquely varied programme of counselling and psychotherapy services under one roof.

HQ Therapy lounge haggerston.HQ Therapy Lounge at Haggerston rooms.

We hand-pick our top practitioners, so we can support you in choosing a therapist; which we recognise is often the biggest hurdle. Take a look at Our Therapists page to learn more about the counsellors and psychotherapists that are currently working at the HQ Therapy practice.

Situated in the heart of Central London, Hackney, HQ Therapy Dalston and HQ Therapy Haggerston are spread over two locations, our beautiful, light and welcoming therapy rooms are situated close to London Overground stations and multiple bus routes. Click the link for directions on how to find us.

If you are a therapy practitioner and are interested in joining the practice please take a look at our Work From Here page for availability on our therapy rooms to rent.

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Therapy quote of the week.

“When we flourish, we do often feel happy, but that's simply an effect of the real goal, which is to live in accordance with our natures, doing the things we do best the best we can do them. Rather than seeing this as the indirect route to happiness, we should see it as the direct route to what it actually is. Happiness is neither the journey nor the destination, it's simply something we get more than enough of when we travel the right way.” ― Martin E.P. Seligman

We are now offering Low-Cost Counselling for others struggling during the lockdown period and FREE therapy for NHS and Social Care Staff.

Please get in touch HERE and one of our highly qualified therapists will be in touch to help you.