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Ben Willens:

Integrative Therapist

My name is Ben Willens, I am an Integrative therapist working at HQ Therapy Rooms in Hackney, London E8.

I understand that choosing a therapist can be an intimidating and sometimes confusing process and many people feel a bit lost as to what to do next. Some people have a good idea of the place they want to get to but need a little help, others don’t even know where to start. I will meet you where you are and help you to find your path to a place where you can enjoy being you again.

  • The first stage of the work is a deep exploration of where you currently find yourself. A big part of this work is being really honest about your experience of life, the people around you, your sense of identity, and looking at the mental structures that underpin it all. This step can be difficult for people but it is necessary.
  • The next stage is to develop your sense of what you want. From therapy and from life. Some people have a very clear idea of this and for others it takes a little time to work it out.
  • Then we can start to discover different paths towards a place where you can enjoy your life again. Know who you are. Know where you are going. Fun to be around you. Fun to be you.

My approach
I work in a different way to many counsellors and traditional psychotherapists. I incorporate visualisation, metaphor, storytelling, and use of linguistics into an approach to therapy that utilises the clients’ imagination in a powerful way.

Sessions last 2 hours and are fortnightly rather than weekly. This gives you a chance to incorporate the work we have done into your daily life with text and email support in between.

I encourage my clients to play an active role in facilitating their change and often give them tasks to do in between sessions.

My promises to you
I treat everyone as an individual. Whilst there are many things that unite us in being human, every mind is different and unique and my approach will adapt to you.

  • You choose how long we work for and what we work on – bearing in mind that people often bring symptoms and we will work on the underlying causes.
  • I am directive and play an active role in the sessions. I won’t just sit there saying nothing.
  • I encourage my clients to be honest with me but I will not pressure you to disclose or talk about anything that you are uncomfortable with.
  • I work in an embodied way. You are not a brain in a jar. You’re a human being within a complex system of relationships with other people and your environment. Our work will reflect that.

Ways to start
Ben Willens, Integrative therapist can be reached using the following:
Book in a consultation here:
There is no charge for the consultation and no-obligation to book further sessions if it’s not for you.
Send me a message to ask me any questions you may have: [email protected]
Or call: 020 7193 5917
Have a look at my website for more information:

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