James Hawkins Psychotherapist.

James Hawkins:


It can feel scary and awkward to talk about things that are causing upset and it’s natural to worry about whether we can trust another person with our thoughts and feelings.  I’m committed to finding ways of working together that best suits you. I think that good therapeutic work comes about when the therapist is able to offer a working relationship in which the client feels safe to explore.

For me, therapy is a collaborative endeavor and one, which can be transformational for both the practitioner and patient. I try to take a playful approach to my work as I think this can really harness the innate creativity I hold is present in every human being. I work with children, young people and adults and can offer couples and family support.

Work History
For over twenty years I’ve worked as a health and social care professional. In 2001 I decided to train to be a psychodynamic therapist. Since qualifying in 2003 I’ve worked in, and managed services in a variety of settings, including a GP surgery, residential homes, primary, secondary and SEN schools. 

In addition to my private psychotherapy practice I hold the position of Senior Outreach Therapist at ICAP in London and Birmingham. (www.icap.org.uk/) I also provide assessments and am an associate trainer at Respond in London. (www.respond.org.uk)

BA Honours Sociology, 1997. University of Middlesex, UK
PG Diploma Psychotherapeutic Counselling, 2003. University of Sussex, UK
M.A Psychosocial Studies, 2011. Birkbeck College, UCL, UK

Contact Details.
James Hawkins, psychotherapist can be reached using the following:
Tel: 07914 259 527
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: jhawkinsweb.wordpress.com

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