Jennifer Burn Therapeutic Counsellor.

Jennifer Burn:

Therapeutic Counsellor

My name is Jennifer Burn, I am a qualified Therapeutic Counsellor working at HQ Therapy Rooms in Hackney, E8. My aim is to work with clients and help those struggling with the emotional and psychological difficulties which can undermine their wellbeing and enjoyment of life.

I can also help those who simply want to understand what makes them ‘tick’. I use my Integrative training creatively, which allows me to adapt to the specific needs of the person sitting with me. I have great faith in the counselling process (which may seem daunting at first), and have seen first hand how it can help people overcome their problems, unlock their true potential, and lead a better life.

What you can expect from counselling
Counselling can give you a greater sense of who you are, how you connect with others, help you create meaningful change in your life, and flourish as a person.

  • You can talk to someone who is listening to you carefully; who is not going to judge you (who is not a friend or a family member either).
  • Someone you can talk to, in private, about what specifically is troubling you, and possible strategies for overcoming your personal issues.
  • An observation of your patterns of behaviour, and their possible source. With greater understanding you can choose behaviours which are preferable to your life now.
  • Relationships are key to a human’s happiness and survival. Through getting to know how you relate to myself and others, we can identify the ways in which you relate and why, and find ways which may serve you better.
  • An exploration of unfinished business from the past, which is presently having a detrimental effect on your life (and also that which serves you well).
  • We would look at how you view yourself: how valid; how kind?
  • We would investigate how you stay with, and cope, with difficult feelings, with the aim of improving your resilience.
  • I will facilitate and support you in making decisions which improve your life now, and help lay down the groundwork for a future when counselling has run it’s course.

What happens next
If you have had enough of your struggles and distress and decide to get in touch, we would arrange a first session when we would assess if we could work together (without any obligation to continue). We would discuss what is concerning you, and the basics of the counselling process.

I really want people to live their lives as well and as happily as possible, and feel for those struggling to do so. If you are ready to make the changes, then I am here to help you.

My fees cost £60 (per 50 minute session).

Contact Details.
Jennifer Burn, Therapeutic Counsellor, can be reached using the following:
Telephone: 07392 983460
Email: [email protected]

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