Melanie Cox Psychotherapist and TRE Practitioner.

Melanie Cox:

Psychotherapist and TRE Practitioner

Something like 90% of our functioning is governed by unconscious processes. This means that only 5-10% of the decisions we make, we do so consciously. We don’t’ have to live a life being battered by external or internal events and relationships. Its entirely possible to find peace, happiness and  a sense of calm even in the busy, demanding world we live in.

Working therapeutically provides an opportunity to draw more of the 90% into our conscious awareness. By increasing our knowledge of ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally, we learn skills that influence our thoughts and emotions bringing this unknown material into awareness and offering us an opportunity to gain control of what really governs us… and change it if we want to.

Because our bodies and our minds are inextricably linked,  I work with a combination of mental (cognitive) and physical (somatic) techniques. Anyone experiencing anxiety or depression for example can tell you about a churning feeling in their stomach, an inability to concentrate or difficulty sleeping. Every cell in our body holds, along with biological and physical information, intellectual and emotional information.

Because our physical and mental process are linked, working more holistically accelerates the effectiveness of therapy. By developing cognitive awareness you can learn how to affect your thinking which impacts your bodily sensations. By developing an increased awareness of your physicality, for example your posture, breathing and internal sensations (like the ones mentioned above) your physical experience is affected which then affects your thoughts. As an autonomous way of working, it also generates feelings of empowerment.

We all have the ability within us to live happy and rewarding lives. Learning about our power of choice and the very good reasons we made those decisions in the first place, enables us to change.

Developing compassion for ourselves is essential and a vital first step. I strongly believe therefore that the therapeutic environment models this. My work with clients is confidential, empathic, non-judgemental: designed to create a feeling of safety. From a feeling of safety, we can start to look at difficult feelings and experiences and confront them knowing that we can survive them.

I am a Humanistic Psychotherapist, TRE practitioner and also the founder of HQ Therapy Rooms based in the Dalston and Haggerston areas of London in Hackney E8.

Rates: £50-£75 for 50 minutes (My low cost places are currently full at the moment).

Contact Details.
Melanie Cox, psychotherapist and TRE Practitioner can be reached using the following:
Mobile: 07973 450424
Email: [email protected]
Website: HQ

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