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Ruth Hargreaves:


My name is Ruth Hargreaves and I am a qualified Psychotherapist based at HQ Therapy Rooms in Haggerston, Hackney, E8.

As an accredited psychotherapist with over 16 years of therapy experience, my work is additionally underpinned with over 30 years in the NHS, charity, and private sector. In fact, I was only 12 when I decided I was going to be a psychotherapist as my life’s vocation!

My clients observe me to be highly perceptive, creative, insightful and works to understand you well, attuning myself to your needs and internal dialogue without judgment. My psychotherapy work experience has ranged widely: – body image issues, sexual identity, depression, anxiety, work-related stress, anger management, disability, relationship issues, religious influences, parental influences, coping with failure and dealing with the fear and trauma of it.

I am particularly interested in how we find our own identity set against the backdrop of parental influences and the effects of childhood trauma. Much of my work tends to be long term although this is not always the case depending on the client`s needs.

My theoretical model is Gestalt. It explores how you are functioning in the moment and thus how in the present you act out your past. By observing this and using the relationship between the client and the therapist we can start to see how life patterns and behaviours are enacted and therefore offer insight into how we can heal those aspects which cause us pain and allow us to then move forward to live life with greater satisfaction and ease.

Gestalt therapy is lively, experiential, with both the therapist and client engaged in dialogue and experimentation so as to work with the fixed patterns we have consciously or unconsciously created and to find new more updated ways of being in the world.

The initial session:
This initial session is aimed at looking at whether we are a good fit and can work together and looks also to explore what you are looking for. The cost for this 50-minute initial conversation to explore your needs/hopes/wishes/situation is £50.

Ongoing sessions:
These are weekly and normally at a fixed time /day each week, once arranged and mutually agreed.

The standard fee is £75. Concessions are offered to those on a low income and students of psychotherapy/counselling courses. This is discussed at the initial meeting.

I work from three places:- HQ Therapy, Haggerston, the Gestalt Centre, Kings Cross and Brockley.

Contact Details.
Ruth Hargreaves, accredited psychotherapist, can be reached using the following:
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 07411 986754

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