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Masculinity issues are a hot topic these days. Society is realising that men and boys are struggling and that we don’t know how to help them.

Male feelings are often reduced to anger or arousal, but the truth is that men have as complex an array of emotions as anyone else, but might struggle to express them. You might think that your feelings are shameful, or that your problems are minor and that you should be able to deal with them alone.

If you’ve been brought up to believe that ‘boys don’t cry’ or that the best way to deal with conflict is to fight it out, you might end up denying yourself the ability to feel other emotions, and that can be very isolating, leading to a sense of loneliness. How can you ask for help if the very act of asking for help is seen as ‘unmanly’?

In this section, you will find articles addressing the particular problems of masculinity issues, be it life transitions, work and family conflicts, through to relationship problems and suggesting some avenues of support if you’re struggling with these issues yourself.