Category / Embodiment & Empowerment

Embodiment and empowerment are separate but interconnected concepts. Being empowered – feeling free and able to make your own choices – is crucial to your overall wellbeing, and it is clear that physical embodiment – being able to be at peace with your body and feeling an alignment between your body and your mind – is a vital part of that.

There are lots of ways that your embodied self can become disrupted. Some people become disconnected from their bodies as children, perhaps because of bullying or food and eating disorders, and others can become disconnected as adults (perhaps having to sit still for long periods, and forgetting the importance of moving your body in enjoyable ways, or not nourishing your body properly due to finances or a hectic lifestyle).

This can be particularly relevant for women, queer people (LGBTQIA+), disabled people and people with cultural issues of identity and belonging, whose bodies are often subject to strong social pressure to conform, and perform (or not perform) in certain ways.

Embodiment psychology works to bring you into contact with your body, and redevelop those crucial links between your body and your mind. This is one step towards empowerment.

In this section, you will find articles relevant to embodiment and empowerment, and ideas for support if you feel that you are struggling with this yourself.