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You might think that one form of therapy approach (modality) is just like another, but in fact, every therapy modality is different, and each uses different therapy techniques and interventions to support you to live the life you want.

Therapeutic techniques range from talking therapy to mindfulness exercises, from roleplay to dreamwork. Your therapist might specialise in one particular approach, or take techniques from multiple modalities depending on your situation, needs, and what suits you.

You might find that therapy works best for you in a group setting, and if that’s the case then the therapeutic interventions you encounter might differ from the techniques you’d find used in individual therapy. Counselling approaches are as varied as counsellors themselves, and what works for one person might be totally wrong for another.

In this section, you will find writings from therapists and practitioners at HQ Therapy Rooms relating to a wide range of therapy practices. If something sounds particularly interesting to you, you can follow the links to find someone who offers that approach or intervention.