Category / Bodywork Therapy

Bodywork Therapy is any therapeutic approach or technique that works with the human body, either in pursuit of a specific goal (such as to lessen pain) or to improve your overall wellbeing. Some also incorporate body-oriented-psychotherapy elements of talking therapy, such as biodynamic psychotherapy.

Therapy techniques can involve manual therapy (during which a therapist will manipulate or focus on parts of your body, such as in acupuncture), energy medicine (such as reiki) and breath work (where you use conscious breathing practices to influence your mental or emotional state).

Forms of bodywork therapy are sometimes referred to as alternative or complementary therapy, and they can be used alongside traditional medical interventions as well as alongside talking therapies. Physical body movement is widely recognised as being linked to your mental and emotional health, and understanding the links between your physical and emotional health is key to improving wellness.

In this section, you will find articles relating to a wide range of forms of bodywork, and links to practitioners working at HQ Therapy.