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BodyTalk Therapy: The New Consciousness-Based Healthcare System For Rebooting Your Body

What is BodyTalk and how does it work?: BodyTalk Therapy is based around the belief that your body knows how to heal itself and the ability to carry this out, but just like in this day and age, similar to a computer, your body can get overloaded, leading to malfunction.

A BodyTalk Therapy practitioner offers no diagnosis or prescription, just a “rewiring” session using muscle testing and light tapping on the head and sternum to re-establish channels of communication within the body.

This will allow the body to perform its own internal ‘reboot’ and things will start functioning optimally again.

We know that our experiences and the events of our lives inform the person that we are today. Everyone has a story and that story also dictates our state of health and vitality.

BodyTalk Therapy is a consciousness-based healthcare system that opens a dialogue with the body, to work out where and how the body is suffering. We listen to what the body has to tell us using biofeedback, a method of muscle checking that utilises gentle pulling of the hand. T

hen, through light holding and tapping, we establish pathways to healing by engaging support from the other systems in the body, clearing the way to wellness.

Harnessing the wisdom of Eastern and Western medical traditions, BodyTalk works both on the physical level of the body to help heal injury or disease, as well on an energetic level to clear blockages to enduring health. Physical and energetic balance is reflected in the mind, creating a positive ‘can do’ mentality for clients.

Yannoula Webb Explains How She Became a BodyTalk Therapy Practitioner

BodyTalk Therapy Yannoula Webb

My name is Yannoula Webb and I am a qualified BodyTalk therapist, having been on both sides of this practice, as a client and now as a practitioner, I truly believe in the System’s stunning capacity to heal, and it is my privilege and pleasure to play a part in this process.

I was first attracted to BodyTalk because I was feeling under pressure in my life and I felt as if my “story” was going in a bad direction. I’d been working with celebrities and fashion brands most of my career and at this point had my own agency.

We had two young children. My partner also had his own fast-paced business, and although we had plenty to be grateful for, we were stressed.

At night I would lie in bed with a horrible, palpitating tightness in my chest and restlessness, which would turn into anxiety and panic attacks. I needed to address this so as well as seeing my GP I found BodyTalk.

The transformative effect of BodyTalk was Therapy incredible. Nothing on the outside had changed. But my relationship, to the full-on demands of family life, and running a business changed – like it does when you take a holiday.

I see this in action in my practice. Those undergoing chemotherapy are better able to cope with side effects, as we help the body to cleanse itself of harsh medicines and support the body’s suppressed immunity to aid in recovery.

How The BodyTalk System Seeks To Address The Whole Person

How The BodyTalk System Seeks To Address The Whole Person

BodyTalk Therapy addresses the emotional toll of illness and injury, too, by looking at the whole person. The safe environment of the sessions creates a space for compassionate healing to take place- something I believe is key to allowing our issues to surface and dissolve effectively.

A common side effect of bone breakages, fractures, and arthritic pain, for example, is the frustration associated with limited mobility. Clients with these symptoms say their mood lifts with treatment, and recovery is faster and long-lasting.

Similarly, clients who operate in a chronically stressful environment, at home or at work, find that associated symptoms such as anxiety, panic attacks, or extreme headaches pass with regular sessions. BodyTalk works to balance hormone secretion and aid in the elimination of waste from excess production.

Clients say that regular sessions help them to make considered lifestyle choices to support their health.

Adults who have experienced trauma and abuse in childhood report those memories can arise safely. By accessing the associated brain centres, we can halt the hijacking tendency of distressing emotions.

Wonderfully, the BodyTalk System is effective both as a stand-alone treatment and when integrated into any other healthcare regime. Find out more about The BodyTalk System on their official website.

How To Get In Touch With Yannoula Webb

BodyTalk Yannoula Webb

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Yannoula Webb, CBP:
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