TRE Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises: New Relaxation Techniques For Anxiety & Stress

London based Alice Paton has been a qualified Craniosacral Therapist since 2012, and has been involved with Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) since 2014. Alice has had a keen interest in yoga since my teens, and it was whilst on a yoga retreat that she learnt about Craniosacral Therapy.

She recalls “It made me think about how our bodies carry the stories of our lives, with different degrees of tension held within each of us. Craniosacral therapy allows our bodies to be ‘heard,’ and helps to re-balance our nervous system.”

The physical process of TRE similarly helps to quiet the nervous system, and these practical tension & trauma releasing exercises mean you can learn the routine and then do it at home, as and when you need. When you have an achy back or have had a stressful day for example.

TRE sessions are 75 minutes long and can be designed for individuals or small groups. It is an innovative sequence of tension & trauma releasing exercises designed to encourage the body to release deep held patterns of muscular tension and unlock reservoirs of natural energy and resilience.

The practice, created by Dr David Berceli PhD, activates a naturally occurring reflex of subtle shaking and muscular tremoring designed to reboot the nervous system, relax chronic muscular patterns and restore the body’s natural orientation towards health.

How Some Animals Mimic Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises To Survive

tension and trauma releasing exercises 03.How Some Animals Mimic Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises To Survive / Image source:

In the animal kingdom, a gazelle will literally shake after escaping the clutches of a lions jaw, thereby expending the shock and adrenaline that was pumping around its body. By physically shaking off the tension, the human body, like the gazelle’s, is then able to calm down and return to a homeostatic balance.

Daily living takes its toll on our physiology and psychology. Sedentary 9 to 5s, poor digestion, slumped posture, chronic stress can all create patterns of muscular tension that present as backache, headaches, insomnia, poor concentration, low sex drive and emotional states such as anxiety and stress.

TRE’s set of seven safe, simple tension & trauma releasing exercises are designed to trigger the body’s natural inbuilt recovery facility – a tension-release mechanism that is well established in other mammals – leaving you lighter, more alert, more confident and better able to deal with stressful situations as they arise.

After a TRE session, clients report feeling calmer and more confident. Improved sleeping patterns can also be experienced as well as increased resilience. Interestingly, TRE allows us to loosen ourselves from our past experiences.

Alice Paton’s TRE Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercise Courses In London

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Parent and Baby TRE Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises
In addition to the drop-in group on Wednesday mornings in Hackney, London, Alice will be offering small, intimate Parent and Baby TRE sessions. Tension & trauma releasing exercises can help to relieve some of the physical and emotional aspects of childbirth. It can help to reduce anxiety around being a first, or second time parent as well as encourage and strengthen the natural bond between you and your baby. Please note there is no space for buggies on the premises, so babies are best carried in a sling.

Peer Supervision for TRE Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercise Practitioners
Alice will be setting up a peer supervision group for qualified TRE providers to provide support and continued CPD. If you are a qualified TRE provider and are interested please contact her either via email: [email protected] or by phone: 07866223188.

Additional Information About Alice Paton
Alice Paton is a certified TRE Provider and Registered Craniosacral Therapist with a practice in East London and also working from HQ Therapy rooms.

For more information on TRE visit and For more information about Alice visit her profile.

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